The right kidney was like the left. Nutritious food, such as meats, poultry, game, bread, cakes, pies, pastry, sweetmeats, rich gravies, crabs, lobsters, etc.

He was carried to a local physician, where an attempt was made monosprin to reduce the fracture under an anaesthetic, but with little success.


Another character which may be usefully employed in classification is assumed from the regularity or irregularity of the shell of the animal; in generalizing upon this, like groups are obtained in the two principal divisions of the Conchifera, and the two principal divisions of the classification are referred to the simplicity or exactness of the dichotomy, whilst natural groups are preserved as much as may be in the linear Method, it must ever be remembered, is an artificial means of introducing order among a series of observed facts, and of approximating, according to the analogy of their orgtinization, the beings which nature has scattered over the face of the earth; method is a human creation altogether, and in this light must it be viewed.

Occlusion, burning, tickling, and occasional sneezing (day). Chiefly to the external cellular coat, for a mid In the systemic veins, excepting the vense die fibrous coat is not apparent in most of the portae, the direction of the flow of blood is de- larger healthy veins, and in those rarer in termined by the structure of the valves, which stances in which it is apparent, it is very permit of the return of blood from the extremi- much thinner than in the arteries.

The ji at once returned a verdict in favor"Stories of a Country Doctor" a"Recollections of a Rebel Surgeon" jj two books that doctors should add J their libraries.

The needful duration of an application will vary not only in each patient, but in the same patient, during the course of her for subsequent ones, in which we have only to complete the work begun. According to or eight hours, is of great benefit in staying the progress of the disease, prolonging Ufe, and keeping the patient comfortable. In the course of the seventh month the six points of ossification in the body run into each other; in the next month a coalition takes place between those in the pterygoid processes and those in the greater wings, and shortly afterwards a similar union occurs between the point in the small wing and that near the optic foramen.

Spmitaneoiis detiuhmont ot, Pringle, Surgeon-Major K., the ContagL.uB Diseases Provimt of Trinity College. The same mixture is to be injected into the year nose in case of malignant diphtheria. Bernard Rice, of Westrock, Leamington Spa, a classical scholarship at Balliol College, and was about to Stokes, Guy Jjeuuard, Second Lieutenant Roval Field Artillery, second son of Dr. The specimen curve given in the accompanying figure illustrates very well the two peculiarities described.

Davy), Three Figures Congenital Sebaceous Cyst (Brigade-Surgeon Slbthorpe) Pathology of Abortion In Relation to Treatment (Dr.

Woman has blanched and seemed the patient expressed herself as being quite well; better' than she had been for years. Into this plaster lower or posterior half of the limb. Among other works published by him was one on The Beparalive Process in experiments on rabbits. Sewage contamination of our rivers, vhich are the chief years source of domestic Avater lupply, is increasing year by year. He cannot do this without tacitly resigning his position as a leader. It is well known that neuritis, or symptoms pointing to neuritic trouble, occur late in the course of diphtheria, or as segicela of the disease.

As the digestion becomes stronger the days menu may be enlarged and the drugs cut off, until the patient is able to take a ferruginous tonic. Boyer, Meckel, Weidmann, and other contiiiCntal surgeons, attribute the process nearly altogether to the periosteum, and therefore their opinions need not be particularly discussed; but it is proper to mention that all the very accurate descriptions we read, of the progress from gelatine to cartilage and from cartilage to bone, must be received with the utujost caution.

As the thicker segments of tab the fibrils are opposite one another throughout the entire fibre, there is given the appearance of a dark segment or disc followed by a light segment when the muscle is studied under the microscope with transmitted light. This brief notice will, however, servo as a finger-post to readers in this country. Leven presented a communication on the treatment of obesity.