Tablet - hISTOGENOL NALINE is also a valuable means of effecting re mineralisation and recalcification of the tuberculosis and pretuhercuious area. Walni?ley's New Freezing Microtome, complete, with Atomizer, The above instruments, togethei with every article used, by the microscopist, will be found fully illustrated soluble, and there is no sub -coaling of resinous reveal the color of tablets the mass, and its solubility is not impaired by age.

Ttv means of preventive injections of serum Celli and Santori were able to considerabW prXg the P period of incubation of experimental malana m animal, naturally immune to malaria (buffaloes, horses, cattle). It contains the details of the work more explicitly which perhaps no other medical work has ever enjoyed, we can review it more hastily on the assumption that much of it is well known. According to some recent experimenters, wbose results, bowever, are denied by otbers, arsenic cbecks tissue-cbange. Who will loosen up first in the cause of charity? What better monument could be erected to the memory of a monied, though perhaps not a great, man than an institution of this kind perpetuating his name and open-heartedness! In this book side is found a permanent physical culture course for men, women and children, and, as is described, tends to health-giving, vitalizing, prophylactic, beautifying.

He contends that only the iron contained in the food is capable of increasing the hemoglobin of the blood. Such an opinion, however, is very widespread; this power is particularly attributed to red wane, since the public, in a most superficial and ridiculous manner, believes that its red color holds some relation to the red color of the blood.

Furnishes distinct evidence of the location of the motor area. It unites with water in all proportions, heat being evolved, showing a chemical Now I presume that uk most physicians will concede that alcoholic stimulants should be prescribed with as much care and caution, in cases of disease, as other medicines; at least, we should ex ercise as much caution in prescribing them; although I am inclined to think that many times we are incautious, apparently regarding their other remedies we are using, whereas they may be the most potent medicine we are using in the case. Ventilating fans and shafts are provided, and the dust is collected and While great good, according to Hime, has been attained by these regulations, some of which are admirable, one cannot but deplore the crudeness and absence of scientific methods in some others of them. The Record at present seems to occupy the posi-! tion of the old lady who forbade her boy going into the water until he had learned to swim! In attributing to us the wish to introduce the British Contagious Diseases Acts in their purest form, it is, however, in error; but we are strongly of the opinion that they would serve as an excellent model on which to begin legislation in limited A drug curious case of what might receive this name is reported from Paris, in the clinic of M.


Hemorrhage into the glandular substance is common, and, on account of its rarity under other circumstances, is quite characteristic. The medicine Picrotoxine has its action on the convulsive and spasmodic tendencies of neurotics, and finally, the arsenic is the repairer of the nerve cells. She was in labour a few hours, some eight or ten. These conditions should naturally be considered separately, and ought not to be allowed to subvert the general disease-picture. Water is sometimes present as an impurity; it may be detected by drying the salt and ascertaining the loss effects of weight. In the case of a few commands about which there is some uncertainty as to the men bringing the typhoid infection from their homes, I may state that in all of these there was ample opportunity for the introduction "of" of the specific poison from other commands. The speaker described at length the various efforts at reform in Great Britain, and mentioned the progress made during the last year, which he spoke of as very satisfactory: uses. S., in an address lately delivered in Montreal, said he was for several weeks shut up in the second story of the building which he was never allowed to leave on any pretence whatever. In chronic cases the liver is mostly large and firm, in consequence of increase of connective tissue; it is much pigmented, often granular (hypertrophic cirrhosis), more rarely of normal size or shrunken as in ordinary hepatic cirrhosis; the capsule is usually thickened. He believed that the operation had, on the whole, been very successful as compared with the results in the treatment of other aneurisms. Some penetrated the tissues for nearly an inch, while others were only a few lines deep. In some of the institutions the chapels were really very elaborately finished, to correspond with the general sentiment in these matters outside. Mine went for a year and a half, in spite of repeated reminders. Without discussing the theoretical portions of Mr. Sophian, of the Rockefeller Institute, administers the On the other hand, a Dallas clipping of mortality at the hospital has been about" to the hospital in a moribund condition or after a drive of from twelve to twenty-five miles over rough country roads. " The subcutaneous character of the operation did not depend so much on the size as on the position of the wound" In some cases which had been recorded, after operation, the deformity had remained. Eighteen days had passed away before the temperature finally fell to the normal degree, and then the fair prospect of recovery became suddenly marred by a congestion of the lungs, a threatening pneumonia, as evidenced by the fortunately aborted, tab however, by a round dose of the bromide of quinia.