Having excluded tlie above discussed group of instru ments it remains to consider tlie features and possibilities of the other cystoscopes which are all built on the two principles laid down by Nitze: introduction of the source of light into the viscus, and the enlarging of tlie field of view by an appropriate for lens system. Nothing came from the drug wound save a drop or two of sanious non-purulent discharge, its edges being very dry and glassy.

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At subsequent stages the probe may be carried prescription to the fundus, and followed immediately by a second, and even by a third or fourth if well boine. The diseases he may encounter on the killing floor and in the pens are varied and numerous, in fact, embrace almost A thorough knowledge of anatomy, including comparative veterinary anatomy, is imperative, so that the bones, muscles, viscera, etc., of animals may be readily recognized and fraud may be detected when meat or organs of various animals are substituted one for another; also any departure from normal, whereby one is able to recognize lesions of disease: side.

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He thinks it rational to give acute bismuth, bearing in mind its limited therapeutic properties. To prevent this they should be during filed down. We must remember, however, that temperance is a word not restricted to the subject of alcoholic drinks: buy. The ingredients should be frequently stirred and shook well together, and after standing zyloprim four or five days, the medicine will be fit for use. Pupils of nearly normal size, and respond, though somewhat slugglishly, to light: what. For he is now too much the mere delegate of a few, and represents opinions uk which the body of the profession have had very little share, and that indirectly, in making. The Treasurer shall be nominntod by the Board of of Trustees.

At this stage of the disorder, the mucous membrane of the nostril becomes dark purple or of a livid colour; sometimes of a tone intermediate between mg these two shades.

It has also been learned that in the United States a continued fever which does attack not readily yield to quinin is in the great majority of cases typhoid fever. Fitz remarked that in the early treatment of the bite from a rabid animal is he was to appreciate the advantages of thorough cauterization, uidess it could be performed immediately after the biting had taken place. Much good work is being done on this subject in Germany; but I have not heard whether any of the German starting workers are expected to he present at the discussion.