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" I do not think," he says," that we can make a dose comparison between que sleep and hypnosis. If, instead of the large annual volumes of Transactions published at considerable expense to the Society, the latter would confine its publication to the Official Transactions, referring such papers as a publication committee recommends to The Journal, the working expenses of the State Societies would be diminished, consequently more money could be utilized for the purpose we are considering, and a more intimate relation would be established between the State Associations and the American Medical Such a plan would involve no diminution of the autonomy of a State Society; it would permit many qualified physicians undertaking experimental research who are now deterred by the attendant expense of these investigations; it would give the scientific papers of the State Associations an audience that volumes of Transactions do not reach; and well conceived original work would redound not only to the benefit of humanity but to the credit of the investigator, the State Association, and the reputation of American medical The establishment at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata, in Uruguay, used in part as a quarantine station, is a strange combination of hotel, prison, military camp and seaside resort: para. Many surgical complications lekarstvo occur to patients who are the subjects of chronic renal disease, and conditions are often presented in which, were there not a prejudice against it, mercury would seem to be desirable.

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