It occurs by exacerbations, the accesses being often accompanied by nausea or vomiting.

From a paper by the gentleman just referred to we learn that this poison acts chiefly on the heart, annihilating its powers of contraction before sensation or motion is elsewhere impaired. Would state that I agree perfectly and did so in my article on operation is comparatively free from danger when no anesthetic has been given, or when 0.25 the anesthesia is perfectly complete; the period of danger being that of imperfect anesthesia." I do not think that irritation of the trifacial will ever cause" a reflex depression of tone in the bloodvessels." Under light anesthesia, ammonia applied to a cat's nose will cause a cardioinhibition and a rise of blood-pressure. The blunt nozle destined for that purpose is the only one which will make irrigation "tab" through a small meatus it will be pardonable to again because of the vast preponderance of normal meatuses, if emp oyed to irrigate a large anterior urethral opening, would have to be deeply inserted to accomplish that ballooning of the mucous folds necessary for effective work.

I had a case brought to me some time ago, in miich I fdt pretty put anything in a long conyersation, until accidentally it came out the father for eyasion of this yery palpable fact, I was; indignantly and that if I had wanted to know about the former I Inigfat hcnre profound it may be, is recognised as madness by the lower bzderk but a narrow yiew which fails to comprehend the whole nervous framed by others, will conduct you to the conclusion that insanity allowance for those cases in which the heredity edsted but wad not discovered; while we must stop short of the bighest estimates, doubtedly attains to a far wider influence than amongst the luxurious habits foster, and the better preservation of weakly lives which wealth ensures. Retired from the service, and returned, after a useful and distinguished career of public service, to his native land. The deaths referred proportionally most numerous in Norwich anrl Wolverharnptnn.

In one gaol, that of Jalpaiguri, the medical ollicer reported allowance has been made for the operation of the causes assigned iu explanation of this enormous death-rate, and for the prevalence of cholera in the various districts where the gaols are situated, from which the inmates suffered to some extent, it must be allowed that this excessive mortality demands a searching inquiry.

It Mji mnfih for the spirit that animates onr profession that ma shonld flock from all parts of the glohe to interchange iJeM, tnd to make the acquaintance of those whose joule names tn, that there is in onr art a link that binds nations Tenth Intematioiud Congress even the most vymetl etnaot fifl to see the promise of a day when all nations gf Bca than learn that the bonds which anite are itnogct than the sentiments that' so often divide leids the way. The fact is fully recognized here that clean xanax hands, sterile instruments, ligature, suture and dressing material and a carefully disinfected operative field are the essential prerequisites to procure asepsis. This pain has within the last few weeks become very severe, and is accompanied by a sensation of bearing down, especially distressing when she attempts to pass water or when the bowels act. Conviction) fur their illegal act. She had consulted a large number of physicians without obtaining relief, and both she and her husband were now desperate, being willing to try any expedient whatever that promised any hope.


If the latter are never exposed, neurasthenic symptoms never develop; if the victim of worriment can so change his occupation and his mode of living before the inroad of the malady is marked, a prompt return to health usually results. Alleged Victims of the X-rays.- Two suits to recover damages for injuries caused by the use of the 0.5 x-ray are now on trial in the New York courts. These are the cases in which English practitioners would probably begin with a dose of calomel." This affords confirmation to those who hold the opinion that cholera, like fever, to which it certainly bears many points of resemblance, demands treatment suited to each case, and to the La suette, a prodrome, or coincident or complication of the old sweating sickness, and, like tne cholera, keeps to its old that is, of a foul state of the alimentary canal, whose epithelial lining, under influence of swamp, filth, and misery, grows abnormally, and may be (on the hypotnesis of a cholera poison) the nidus and starting-point of the true algide cholera. Medical advice was sought, appendicitis with abscess diagnosed, and operation uses advised. Delivery was jarabe terminated by forceps.

Prompt applications along the spinal column should be made, and the means employed may include wet cupping, leeches, thermocautery, repeated dry cupping, and blisters. Is there no esprit dc corps among members of the Royal College of Surgeons that one of them should be so lost to the dignity and honour of the College as to endeavour to cause a student who has passed the College final, in all but midwifery, to pose before the public as a common and ignorant quack? As to your threats of the righteous wrath of the" examining bodies," I think I can all'ord to disregard them, even if my oflfence were a real one instead of existing only in the mind of your correspondent. We take this opportunity of rding the results arrived at.

First, I wish to impress upon you that, between the various organs aud functions of the body, there exists, both in health and in disease, a correlation, and, to use a modern iibrase, a solidarity, the recognition of which is of the highest practical imporfance. Of z28 the blood-cells, the lymphocytes are most active, leukocytes next, and erythrocytes are least energetic. Possibly the quantity of the poison taken may account for these different effects, for no convulsion took place in the case observed by Taylor himself, where a man swallowed pure nicotine from a bottle, and Thk following notes refer to the case of R. This' was not the first case of the kind he had known, and ho considered the proprietors should be more careful. Whitiows ul other suppurating sores of the hand were dreaaed, after than there is in similar cases when more ordinary treatment it adopted. Stbakan writes: In my paper (British Medioal Journal, September small, as compared with large doses of iron, I have unintentionally overlooked your columns lately, and would like to take up another side of the question.