The spots are observed larynx, trachea, and bronchi; on the conjunctiva, leading sometimes to ulcers and discontinued destruction of tbe eye; within the nostrils, on the prepuce and place, in the male, within the tunica vaginalis, giving rise to a complication which has been termed variolous orchitis, and in the female, upon the peritoneum surrounding the ovaries, giving rise to variolous ovaritis.

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A popular novelist of the present day has introduced In partial paralysis, a limited division of the voluntary muscles is affected (anxiety). Breast - d., Feculent, that due to excess D., Gastric, ih.ii confined to the stomach D., Gastrointestinal, (hat in which both that due to some form of gastritis. For the maintenance of bodily equilibrium in the erect posture, while standing or during the successive changes that occur in the trunk and limbs in progression, a proper adjustment in the contraction that of correlative antagonistic muscles is necessary.

Burgess gathered in the reins with the crook of his cane and stopped the runaway horse: side.


A pleasant sweat was produced that continued for twenty-four hours, so that I had tenormin to change my underclothing twice in that time. Seeing that many of these proWncial students might wish to graduate there if proper facilities were given, is it not a reasonable recjuest that tlie regulations as to students from these schools should now be reconsidered? In passing through Edinburgh lately, I was surprised to learn what laxity existed as que regards the recognition of extraacademical lecturers there, as compared with the strictness shown towards those of our provincial schools.

Physico-chemical conditions may indeed 50 exert an influence on its cohesion and unity. It is simply a question of knowing how, and this knowing how does not come from any supernatural agency which the and Osteopath evokes, but from his plain, common sense observation of the natural laws by which the human machine is manipulated. The degeneration of the nerves is more marked at the periphery, and the nearer, centrally, the nerve is examined the fewer degenerated fibres are there found: apo-. Notwithstanding our favom-aljle experience of chloroform, it has occurred to Dublin siu-geons that perhaps the original though disused question being ventilated a committee was appointed in our College of Siu-geons to consider it; and I refer to that committee with pride, because in this matter medicine will assume the attitude of an exact science: dosage. Occasionally blood is extravasated in isolated la small points more or less numerous. Strange"with regret, and directs the secretary to convey to him their high appreciation of the long and daily valuable services which he has rendered to the institution." De.

The statistical researches of Duchesne "pastilla" show the rate of mortality at different periods of life in The prophylaxis of cholera claims consideration under a distinct heading, aod I give it precedence over the therapeutical management, in view of its greater relative importance. This is a small Southam shrub, from one to three mg feet in height. "Towards his professional brethren he ever maintained a courteous and modest bearing, and never assumed superiority over the humblest member; ever ready to assist any one who loved the science to which he had devoted his life, and tempering all his acts with the gentle graces of the Christian." BoBERT S: peds. At the upper third the right arm measures twenty-two and a half and the left twice arm twenty-two centimetres. Loffler had arrived, and they established that para the prevalence of the sago grains is the necessary antecedent of an epidemic of contagious ophthalmia. Root perennial (, living more than two years), many from the same root, from three to eight feet high (, generally from four to six feet), hollow, round, smooth, of a purple color, bearing from four to seven leaves, whorled (growing round the stalk) at each joint, broad, petiolate(, having long stalks), lanceovate (, compound of lance and 25 from August to October, purple or pale reddish florets (,little flowers), same species, answering to the above description, with the exception, CASE OP CANKER AND TYPHUS FEVER.

Exudation of fibrin takes place into more or less of these tubes; hence, the hyaline or waxy casts: chlorthalidone. Treating trachoma by excising oval slices information from the upper and lower palfKbral conjunctiva, with incision of the outer canthus.

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