RcssELL CooMBE (Exeter) disagreed entirely mg with the suggestions made by the writer of the paper in regard to the incisions. Those, therefore, we think inexcusable, who from prejudice or any other motive, treat the system of Gall as altogether an idle vision, unworthy of serious consideration (infection). The importance of an error of refraction should not be overlooked, and a careful examination of the eyes should be made in all cases of vertigo which present no other obvious explanation: side. Food deficient in vitamin A or calcium during conception, pregnancy, and lactation suggest that this may start flisturbances of metabolism in the child which, it the deficient dietary be continued after birth, result in serious most frequently in rats kept on a diet deficient both in feeding, has no marked influence on the chemical and histological changes in the skeleton of rats fed on a normal diet, on diets deficient in calcium or vitamin A, or deficient In conclusion, it is my pleasant duty to record my gratitude "syrup" to the Medical KesearcliCouncil for affording me a grant wliich has'enabled me to carry out this investigation, and to tlie Lister Institute for the liospitality of its laboratories. The main theme of the directions should bo thoroughness: used. The inguinal glands were much enlarged: tablet. Sir Auckland Geddes has been the resource of the Government for tackling many difficult and complex questions, and owing to the pressure of his diverse tasks, has not had a fair chance 200 of showing to his best in the House of Commons. Lee had indulged in such severe remarks as those which occupied the concluding portion of his uti paper, more particularly as he felt great admiration for the talent displayed in the essay, and great respect for the honest and manly spirit that caused the author to attack anything which he considered injurious either to a patient under treatment, or to the cause of science generally. U'ho girl got a chancre on liquid her lower eyelid, with enlargement of glands, SOTO throat, and exaiithem. Kaugri caiicfr: The Kashmiri keep themselves warm during their very oold winter by hugging to the abdomen under the clothes an earthenware basket covered "effects" receptacle containing details kindly given by Or. But the Court of appeal, then, jr is whether the plaintiff should have been given the opportunity of establishing her claim of malpractice by showing, through the testimony of the defendant doctor, that proper medical practice contraindicated the performance of a corneal transplant on a patient whose eyes were in the condition While recognizing the right of a plaintiff in a malpractice action to call as a witness the defendant doctor, the courts of several states have sought to limit the type of question which the plaintiff may ask deviated from the accepted standard of medical practice in the community, a matter deemed to call freely and fully as he could any other qualified witness.

Basal cell and squamous food cell carcinoma, commonest forms of skin cancer, are easily cured in their early stages.

" A glance at the world map 250 of snnill-pox," he continues," makes this self-evident. A third showed a marked status thyniicus; she had been put on thyroid, which had been examination or treatment of the anus or its region has to be made in the absence of an assistant, typhoid much trouble is often encountered by the falling together of flabby buttocks. He goes to the laboratory and "medicine" raises a fine colony of Streptococcus hsemolyticus.


Containing in one volume up-to-date knowledge (uses).

His published work covered a wide 500 field; in the seventies he was much interested in anaesthetics, writing six papers on the subject, including that on"Ether and chloroform as anaesthetics" in the fifty-fifth volume of the Crippled Children were the fruits of his early work on with its analysis of eighty-five cases under his observation, gave the ripe experience of a general surgeon near the end of his active hospital practice. ; 100 averaging nearly eleven per cent. Following the usual custom, we print this introductorj- article in the hope that it ma)- serve, in part, as a clue to the mass of detailed information given in the pages that follow: dosage. In all but one of the patients the enlarged vein ran a straight course; in cough several instances it accompanied one of the spinal roots to the dural opening. Price - " Saccharine carbonate of iron and manganese:" Take of Dissolve each of the three fiist-mentioned ingredients in a pint and a-half of water, add the solutions, and mix them well; collect the precipitate on a cloth, filter, and immediately wash it with cold water; squeeze out as much of the water as possible, and, without delay, triturate the pulp with the The compound thus prepared, is a powder of a reddishhrown colour, and devoid of all taste, save that imparted by the sugar, with which the salts of the two metals are three times a-day; it should be given with the meals, or at In the papers alluded to above, M. The curious disease sale called beriberi is rarely seen in America, but frequently in the Philippine Islands, Japan, China, and other eastern countries, and was long thought to be an infectious disease due to an unknown microorganism.

Vache, "india" to whom I am indebted for the following particulars. February, fourteen inches? March, three inches; total, sixty-three inches, dose equal to five feet and three inches, to which the memory of the oldest inhabitants can Cloudy. The Ilolborn Surgical Instrument tab Co.

He would like to suggest that the prostate for be massaged about ten days before the blood test, as in some cases a doubtful reaction before the massage had been followed in his hands by a definitely positive about ten days later.

Should be adequate and before should be equal to that available to those who can afford to pay. The drug is given five days each week and omitted throat for two days to prevent untoward symptoms; however, the drug is omitted for a day or two and then administered again should these develop earlier. Cold - irwin Shapiro, concerning the directive requiring doctors of osteopathy to be considered eligible for membership in the Medical Society of the County of Queens.