Jenner also upholds this doctrine by showing that in expiration the lungs do not undergo an equal pressure in all their parts, and that emphysema occurs in just those portions upon which the thoracic walls and the contracting muscles exercise a minimum of counter-pressure from without.

The unfortunate thing for the patient is that these ulcers are usually situated in the centre of the cornea and cause marked diminution of vision. We tab have shown ourselves able to prevent cholera from entering this country; we have reduced the dangers of contagion from smallpox to a minimum. But we are still forced to make this acknowledgment with a distinct reservation and by no means a mental one. The appendix has, also, many quotations from Hahnemann's earlier works, showing the growth in Hahnemann's mind, of the ideas and convictions which later were fully embodied in the Organon. Diverticula side of the intestine has only recently been lecognized. Under this treatment, he observes, the pains cease and the dcA'elopment of the tumour is arrested, or it may even composition diminish in size. She was surprised at the smallness of her abdomen and was finally persuaded into a belief of the true state of affairs. WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS HOMCEOPA THIC MEDICAL The annual meeting of the Western Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society was held at Cooley's Hotel, Springfield, tent; records of last meeting read and approved. Emer i m s- member s shall have the right to vote, hold office -, - and all other privileges of membership in this Society. Special Senses: Blurred vision, taste alteration, anosmia, tinnitus, conjunctivitis, notebook dry eyes, tearing. No bad symptoms were noticed except a weakness in the left this has disappeared.

It would be difiicult to assign any reason why these symptoms, which are common in all febrile conditions, should be ascribed in pneumonia to any other cause than to the fever. Besides, it is quite likely that the favorable impression on the reflex centres by the drug (as in the case of the narcotics or of the bromide of potassium) is one of the factors which render quinine a cure for whooping-cough. She had come to be regarded by her neighbors as queer and half crazy. It will not detach the placenta; the womb does that.

For nearly a century the school has stood abreast of the best schools in the land, and numbers among its graduates some of our most RHODE ISLAND HOMCEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY. Of - nowhere in the range of therapeutics are so many mistakes made as in hysteria. When Shaw comes to criticise medicine as a 1mf science, he is still amusing, but less logical; like most artists he is blissfully ignorant of scientific facts and scientific methods. Price - we have in peroxide of hydrogen a prompt, safe, and efficient germicide. Place your right hand on the patient's abdomen with the tips of the fingers at the costal margin, find the tip of the tenth rib, and with the tips of the first, second, and third fingers very gently glide, with a trembling motion, over the skin (mf). A precaution for administration: Warm the syringe slightly and effects shake well before using.

A tourist vocabulary of a very serviceable sort is also thus acquired.

The lower end of this tube is flanged to prevent the forte tube from dropping from the stopper when the flask is inverted. They are usually situated near the surface of the rural brain.

When only moderately atrophied they will still remain in contact with the side- walls of the chest, though their size is far less than that of healthy lungs; their anterior borders are thin and very much retracted, so that the pericardium and the trunks of the large cardiac vessels lie entirely uncovered. Barker: Here are the perimetric charts of the uk visual fields. In nervous patients suspicions of this character doom are, of course, sometimes well founded; sometimes they are not. It is one which leaves no obvious changes behind it, although its notebooks results are often permanent. If my readers have had their attention sufficiently the contents of the preceding paragraphs of this long drawn cominunication, they will, I incline to believe, now be prepared for a statcinent of which the veracity would seem to have been anything rather than familiar to the vast majority of even the better informed members of the medical profession in the present generation: it is that the researches and discoveries of Franz Joseph Gall meant as much for our knowledge of the central nervous system as did those of Isaac Newton for our knowledge of the all the most important fundamental facts connected with celestial phenomena had been thoroughly well known to the votaries of astronomy long before Newton had attempted to reduce them to an apparently satisfactory systein by his application of the theory of gravitation; a theory which, as the enlightened expert well knows, may some day be shown to be as purely hypothetical as Gall's system To the present writer the fate of Franz Joseph articles of"scientific" impeachment which have been legal luminaries of the mighty Island Empire for the purpose of securing the destruction of their too Iiighly developed visitor! And the key which (as I, at least, fully believe) will be found to fit the lock of the mystery of inspiration in each of the cases is to be discovered in the bitterly cynical aphorism (which I have already quoted) regarding the reception of everv towering genius by the rank and file of would suggest to the self satisfied (and, accordingly,;o often tablet feather headed) scientist of our own twenrieth century that he may sometimes profitably uti:ze his leisure moments in glancing over some of lie printed pages which were placed before the.orld by the"Founder of Phrenology," instead of leeping through the wrong end of his intellectual! that author which are so generally met with in et the consciousness of possession of his assured M- imagined) pride of place not prevent him from giving due credit to Franz Joseph Gall, who actually laid the foundations of our present knowledge of the domain of research than were obtainable (and very any comparable pioneer, discoverer, or inventor nown to the annals of the dawn and twilight of our Questions for discussion in this departvieiu aii- announced at frequent intervals.

In children the pulse is, as is well known, more frequent; up to the age of puberty it usually less frequent.