F.ight cases of acute septic infarcts of canada the kidney were treated by nephrectomy without fatality. CONTAINING COPAIBA AND ESSENCE OF SANTAL; COPAIBA, "discount" CUBEBS, AND THE ESSENCE OF SANTAL; COPAIBA. Here, however, as it not unfrequently happens, preconceived ideas Avere not found to accord with experiment, and no further retardation was thus effected; uk neither, on the other hand, was it accelerated beyond the number observed in the I quote Dr. The pathologist is oftentimes at fault here, as when one man taught, and was so believed by an innumerable number of followers, that all disease was sthenic; and another at the present day, that whisky, quinine and iron were the sole But the prominent difficulty in the way of obtaining positive knowledge as to our remedial agents, cash is in the great number of new remedies, or modifications of old ones, which are constantly presenting their claims for superiority in the treatment of disease. No didactic lectures on are eiven The classes are limited. A more thorough knowledge of the fermentative processes will satisfy us that alkalies only neutralize the acids already formed, while it has little influence in checking the activity in the system of that development agenoy by which acid is constantly being formed: no. At the annual meeting of the Dubuque County Medical Society, the following officers were prescription elected John Henry Shipley, M.D., of Rippey, as guests of honor. There is also incorporated in the present work the author's recent Essay on Hoarseness, Loss of Voice and Stridulous Breathing, cheap and some other notices of diseases of the vocal organs. The most interesting part of this book is the opening chapter, in which he gives an explanation of the elementary organs of vegetation, commonly called vegetable tissues, ophthalmic so necessary to be known when we consider the importance of anatomical peculiarities in determining the primary divisions of the vegetable kingdom, and how imperfectly it has been hitherto explained or understood.

The greater periods of the gout feem alfo to obferve the folar influence, returning about the order fame feafon of the year. "The Mathsy-Caylus Capsules, of the Essence of"Santal, associated with the Balsams, possess an incontestable efficaciousness, and are employed with the greatest"success for the rapid cure of old or recent Discharges," Gonorrhoea, Blenorrhoea, Leucorrhcea, Cystitis of the Neck," Urethritis, Catarrh, and other diseases of the bladder, together"with all affections of the Urinary Passages."" Thanks to their thin envelope of Gluten, which is essen" tially assimilable, the Mathey-Caylus Capsules are digested" by the most delicate persons, and never weary the stomach." The Moussette Pills of aconitine and quinium, calm or cure Gastralgia, Hemicrania, Headache, Sciatica, and the"The sedative action exerted by the Moussette Pills"upon the apparatus of the sanguineous circulation by the"intermediation of the vaso-motor nerves, indicates their"use in neuralgias of the trigemini nerves, (fifth pair), con"gestive neuralgias, and painful and inflammatory Bheumalismal"Aconitine produces marvelous effects in the treatment"of "solution" f'icini neuralgias when they are not symptomatic of Cinchonas; it is an agreeable and doubtless highly FAR SUPERIOR TO ALL ORDINARY CINCHONA WINES, LABOCHK'S QUINA, tried by the Academy of Medicine of Paris, is a specially prepared Compound Extract ot QHinquina, a careful analysis, confirmed by experience, has shown that most of the wines and syrups hitherto used have not contained all the properties of this precious bark, of tnese some, although beneficial, are altogether lost, while many preparations contain but half the properties of the bark in varying proportions.

Heat, and which;:, ftreno-thens them, and makes them by habit lefs liable to great online quiefcence from fmall variations of cold, and thence lefs liable to be difor-dered by the unavoidable accidents of life.

It was pharmacies thus explained why the epidemic remained a local one. Three patients died: one after a long and difficult operation and prolonged anesthesia: one operated on too late and in bad general condition; buying one of purulent pleurisy. As soon as possible, thorough general spinal treatment should be given to equalize the general circulation, and to overcome the intense vaso-constriction of all the superficial vessels, so noticeable a feature of the purchase case. In this case a very large false pupil will do no harm, as "usa" it cannot be seen, and a small one might not be sufficient. Can this be affected by any fpecific attraction? or, like the diffulion of the odorous particles of flowers, is it left to the currents buy of winds, and the accidental mifcarriages of it ideas of external things? As all our ideas are originally received by our fenfes, the queflion may be changed to, whether vegetables poflefs any organs pf fenfe? Certain it is, that they polTefs a fenfe of heat and cold, another of moifture and drynefs, and another of licrht and darknefs; for they ciofe their petals occafionally from the prefence of cold, moillure, or darknefs. Quite recently the lay press reported that a Buflfalo physician had attributed the cause of cancer cheapest to the earthworm which deposited the infection through contact with vegetables.


Two other ladies I faw, to who towards the end of violent peripneumony, in which they frequently loft blood, were at length cured by infanity fupervening. Re-action australia commenced on the seventh day. This stomach "delivery" is evidently an alcoholic affair, very strongly so.

Immunity from attack in certain cli mates or altitudes is but alleviation, or possibly cure, by allowing Nature a chance (in). Abdominal cavity thoroughly irrigated with hot salt solution and where wound closed. There are, however, a great number of school children who cannot get along on this treatment: rx.