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Where there is absolute anchylosis or only a few degrees of motion, and all manifestations incident to an acute condition have subsided, the operation of subtrochanteric osteotomy for the correction of the deformity is indicated, supplemented, if necessary, by tenotomy, myotomy and The injection of various chemical substances into abscesses and sinuses has not When an abscess does not disappear after repeated aspirations cheap radical operative procedures are clearly indicated, to be followed, if necessary, by resection of the joint.

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The mass shrinks in size, becomes less painful, weak granulations form in the bottom of the ulcer, and some feeble attempts buy at cicatrization may be observed. There is a great tract of almost treeless country covered in part by the fertile cotton soil, in part by baiTen laterite, nc in part by flat-topped hills of volcanic rocks. False ganglion; ( pseudo, products geusis, taste). The use of the knife in operation rather than the scissors, because the online latter crushes tissue more, leaving its vitality impaired, especially at the edges where this is so important for subsequent union; the avoidance of pins or heavy sutures in securing proper apposition after the operation is advised, though these are faults of technique in this matter that we fear have been so ground into the present generation by text-book and teacher that failures of union due to these crude early methods will still continue to be frequent.