Under present insurance law, this is available as an optional rider, but in order to reflect the intent of this resolution it was felt that we go on record in encouraging the State of New York to promulgate regulations that mandate all third party carriers to insure and reimburse for diagnostic studies, whether they are performed in a physicians office, clinic, hospital or outpatient department Annual Report of the Committee of on State Legislation, Page Resolved, That the Medical Society of the State of New York shall work with appropriate organizations and government authorities to seek changes in legislation for preoperative consultations and supportive studies to a qualified and credentialed physician, whether performed in or out of the hospital, with the consulting physician expected to provide the hospital with all necessary documentation. The Practical Side of hcl Electrothermic Haemo used electrothermic hsemostasis. Can mg give no history of previous skin disease, and with the exception of rheumatism has always been very well. The situation in medicine before his day and now with many was, we now see, due to the inefficiency and variability of action of the remedies at the command of the rank dosage and file of the therapeutists.

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