In the orthodox school, such cases as these are often treated with success by the external application of a substance which, I believe, may be said to act homoeopathically. When examined by me the right testicle was found distinctly atrophied, being hardly two-thirds the diameter of the left testicle.

For diagnosis and advice as to treatment. The cases were picked ones, the patients being robust and no complications existing. Heath, who gives a newt satisfactory desc of affections of the antrum in his work- on Injuriesand Diseases of the Jaws (p.

Buy - if nutrition iscut off from these fungoid growths by damming up the circulation in the normal tissues surrounding them, the fungus dies.


No one appreciated more than he the great value of educating the public on this subject, and its vital importance both to the individual and the State. Strong and cjtherwise healthy persons are by no means REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

Small doses of the drug are spoken of favorably, but there is no reason to think that they have any curative effect. Disease of the Central and Peripheral Nervous Synlem will of the Morbid Anatomy of Dise.ases of tlie Nervous System (Brain, Spinal Cord, and Peripheral Nerves).

Somnolence is an intermediate stage between sleeping and waking, which in health co precedes normal sleep, but which in sickness is accompanied by cerebral excitement, and is an obstacle to sleep, with sometimes illusions and hallucinations, and leading even to a condition of sub-delirium before sleep is finally attained, these features not being recalled bj' the patient on waking. They are associated with lumbago very often, a stripe of pain striking away from the sore quadratus lumborum under the sacrum, to appear intensified at the notch. Robertson, opened by Professor Morselli of Genoa. I report this case because such cases are rare in this wash country, and in the hope of eliciting comments from the editors, and from some of the many readers of The World, some of whom may have met with similar cases in practice.

We wish ation to the chapters on the Patl; ancy, the Mechanism of Labor, mid the Phi and Pathology of the Newborn Infant. After long-standing chronic suppuration much destruction of tissue may be expected. The germ-killing power of the blood-serum has been shown to depend upon the presence in the latter of certain chemic substances very complex in their nature, presumably allied to the albumins, and which have been called by Buchner, alexins, and by Hankin, defensive proteids. Even in advanced cases he seems to think such treatment is very advantageous. Silk lias always been a favorite suture jeans material on account of its flexibility, smoothness, and streugtli. On the other hand, Mansou says that racial peculiarities do not play a vital part in the problem, but that the Europeans, owing to their education and habits, are less exposed and therefore less liable to contract the disease. This is true, but not all the truth, as the following able to get a medical consultation and medicine for two days With regard to the class of people who have joined this Society it is not easy to get evidence. Mahamahopadhya Mohesh Chunder Accountant-General, expressed their regret at not being able to be present, from unavoidable causes, at this interesting and more attractive year by year. This preservation must be effected without sueh luxuries as storage over ice boxes, or by packing ia bulky non-conducting materials. At the same time it sliouUl ahviiys be renunibercd tliat it is nflcn impossible to iK'termiue whether the disease is in the labyrinth, in ttie nerve trunk, or at some point in the intracerebral According to C. The first constitutes"eczema, solare," and should be distinguished surfaces, in the various folds of the body, must likewise be distinguished from erythema intertrigo. Hohsley:"That in Standing Ordir No.