Derangement of the first sensory or amnesic, the second motor or ataxic, the third paralytic. Hegar employed a V-shaped It is curious that the vagina, offering such a ready and accessible roadway to the rectum, had so long escaped the attention and ingenuity of enterprising rectal surgeons. Thompson;" Two Cases of Cystic Calculus and Two Cases of Diaphragmatic Hernia," by James Tyson;" Subphrenic Abscess with Especial Reference to Cases which Simulate Pneumo-Thorax," by A. At present the man has a perfectly useful limb, has all the motions of the hip-jomt, and there is but one-and-one-half inches of Dr. These comprise rope making, brush making, and basket and chair weaving. A microscopical study of the lung shows that the distention is due to neither emphysema nor edema. Where abscesses are formed they commonly sooner or later rupture either into the urethra or into the periprostatic tissues. The only special po nt to be noted here, is that Wolffhuegel and Riedel used much smaller quantities of water for their p ates tha i is generally the case (nitrest). The question of operation suggests itself as a means of reducing intra-cranial pressure or of cutting off the blood-supply to the bone. These are prominent faults in the descriptions The dosage first of these is one of the essential steps in the operation, though somewhat obscurely described by Dr.


The author has fallen into the evil habit of having his surgeon"operate a patient" instead of"operate upon a patient." This vile abuse of the English language was introduced some years ago by some of our foreign population, and seems to have found general favor, but it is disheartening to find such corruption issuing out of Boston. Only two of these substances, butyric acid and acetone, have so far given definite results. The respiration continued quiet and natural.

Many men marry with a syphilis in full activity of secondary manifestation and never infect their wives or transmit the disease to their medicine offspring.

The body-cells require time to produce these results whether the microbes are injected artificially or enter during an infection. A sterile solution of thirty per cent, strength was children one or two years of age, twice this amount of age. The intraneural ureter might be dilated or incised to secure relief from stone when the stone lay in reach. The symptom that indicated damage to the cms cerebri was paralysis of the third nerve, on the same side as the brain lesion, producing ptosis, dilitation of the pupil, and'The temperature of the paralyzed limbs was decidedly higher than normal, as has been frequently observed in demonstrated cases of lesions of the pons varolii. Peter Horrocks and other Fellows of the Obstetrical Society, takes an entirely opposite ground, as shown by a discussion at the meeting of pubic section, and several Fellows claimed that there were less immediate and subsequent danger and disability after the Cesarean section than after symphysiotomy. Excision of Brachial Portion of Ulnar Nerve presentation. Green is a restful color, offers no sharp contrast to the colors of the wound surfaces, and allows ligatures and sutures to be clearly seen against it. Let me add that in twelve other cases, where the question of operation has been raised. Supposing the periosteum to be lifted from the bone to any considerable extent, the clot of blood intervening will inevitably organize into bony tissue; but, the periosteum remaining attached, any deposit of bone taking place in it, will be due to inflammatory exudation. Percussion gives a clear sound beneath the first bone ot the sternum "drug" until you approach close to the clavicle. The appendix will then, of course, lie in perfect apposition with the posterior layer of peritoneum and in front to the small intestine. When cultures obtained from the mild cases are inoculated in susceptible animals, some indeed cause only local changes, but others produce as serious effects as those taken from malignant cases. The aftertreatment of any operation on the perineum is a most important factor. In my former papers I have given examples of the loss of the knee-reflex, from tumor in the cerebellum or pressing upon it. The possibility that air therewith entered the fetal lungs seems to be the only tangible hypothesis, which, however, is not supported by evidence.