THE CATARRHAL SYMPTOMS THB GUIDE IN DISCRIMINATING FROM The early symptom usually is a chill, followed by fever, pains in back and limbs, headache, fever variable in intensity, according to the severity of the type; sick stomach and thirst, face flushed, eyes bright, throat inflamed, dry and swollen, followed with a viscicle secretion; thin fur on tongue, with pappilla enlarged and becoming prominent, making the strawberry tongue; the eftervescence appearing in from eight to twenty-four hours, showing first about the neck and shoulders, spreading over trunk and upper extremities and finally over legs; rash disappearing on pressure for the moment.

The muscles are kept in this state of constant contraction in order to prevent any motion in the, joint; but this incessant, constant, unremitting effort so exhausts the patient that finally he falls into a moment's slumber, from sheer fatigue, when, the niusoles being relaxed, causing such instantaneous pain that the muscles instantly give a Of course, at this period of the disease, it can hardly be mistaken for any other, or misunderstood; but uixtn stripping the child, and examining him as I have directed that he should be examined in the first stage, joint more fixed; in fact, any attempt to move the limb in this stage of the disease ie futile, the entire pelvis rolling upon the opposite acetabu lum ns if the diseased joint were positively anchylosed, though tlie Bupposed ancliylosis is only apparent, being wholly due to muscular rigidity. Lice are small, round, flat insects which fasten themselves to the hair of warm-blooded animals, and, in the case of man, not only to the hair of his body but also to the clothing he wears. Davis shows that, in the only one of Ranney's cases fully recorded, the muscles show the same strength some weeks subsequent to the operation as before, and thinks that probably true of the others, which result is at least a very disappointing return for the trouble and expense incurred. On the following dilated for three days. Was no diplopia, headache, giddiness, nor other symptom of injury of the brain. These systemic disorders are shown in the urine, which undergoes functional derangement in a large proportion of the cases of eczema and psoriasis. In the right lung, nearly the whole of the lower lobe is occupied by similar tissue, in the form of a large mass with a capsule round it.


There can no longer be any question of the specific relation between the great majority of cases of the disease known since the time of Bretonneau as diphtheria and the bacillus with which Klebs and Loeffler have identified their names. The causes of the remarkably unequal geographical distribution of deaf-mutism, which will be seen from the table, are probably numerous and various. The effects of this operation were at once manifested by a distinct crackling sound, by a separation of the divided parts, and by the partial restoration of tab the head to its natural position, also by the possibility of rotation in every direction. The time after exposure when the eruption appears differs in different persons. Till I Li lily f Ergot in Facilitating Labor. I treated it with alcohol until it was no longer coloured. In his thoughts he followed every traveller, and put questions to him, in his own mind, such as Michaelis once wrote for Niebuhr and Forskael. There were no adhesions present, but the bowel was deeply congested and thickened. In many such cases, however, of the pharynx being a favorite seat of the disease.

Have been grouped those cases in which the patient falls, in a very short time, into a comatose state, which is nearly the first to mention this dangerous complication of diabetes. Students will be admitted to the medical and surgical practice of the Massachusetts General Hospital, and to the Intirmary for Diseases of the Lungs. Her skin was now warm and moist, cheeks flushed, thirst considerable, tongue slightly furred and nearly natural; domen, and pain with swelling in the epigastric region. In proceeding to deal with this question, attention is naturally directed toward the literature of the subject, and without going into detail, I would briefly draw your attention to the sayings of two living authors.

There seemed to be no trouble in keeping everything out of the abdominal cavity, either amniotic Another point struck me in this case, not directly in connection with Cesarean section, but as interesting in obstetrics. The practice of incising pelvic hs abscesses was so old that it hardly required discussion, but the method of attacking pyosalpinx by vaginal section was comparatively recent. This renewing of inflammatory changes may be due to the increased flow of blood to their walls, permitted by suddenly removing the pressure that may have, for an indefinite period, acted as a barrier to its entrance. Loss of hair is much more common among professional students than artisans. When the pistons are raised, one cylinder becomes filled with air from tlu; lump's, and tlie other with fresh are depressed, the latter cylinder is empti(ui into the lungs, and the air in is a proper supply of air to the lungs; and in introducing heat in this way, it must be remarked that we are only warming that blood to which we are at the same time imparting its arterial properties.