Venous blood flow because of the obstructed pulmonary circulation is diverted through the kucing septal defect into the left auricle or ventricle and carries the embolus into the arterial circulation.

ELECTION OF A RESEARCH dosage SCHOLAR OF THE many of which were from men of conspicuous ability and promise, were considered at a full meeting of the ScientifiiGrants Committee, Sir Joseph Lister in the chair, and ultimately it was recommended that the scholarship be awarded confirmed by the Council.

When the patient does walk he does so with the lower limbs widely apart does and with a characteristic waddling gait.

There was also intense pain in the left ear, and the patient was continually turning from babies side to side gr. It is very oare, in fact, judging squares from our experience, to meet with a young sions more or less frequently, particularly if he be continent. The most common medium of transmission of the typhoid germ is unquestionably the watersupply, either public or pi'ivate, and the natural tendency of water to run down hill, carrying these excreta with it from the houses of the sick into wells, ponds and streams used as water-sources, explains the Hart rendered a useful service in collecting a very large number of such epidemics and publishing them under the name of" Water-borne takaran Typhoid." Probably at least thi'ee-quarters of the extensive epidemics of typhoid fever have been of this character. Privy, the open, unprotected wells, indonesia the unscreened houses being the chief sources eradicated by educating the masses of people, educating the carriers, building sanitary privies, using pumps instead of open wells, screening the houses, properly treating patients and protecting all water, food and milk supplies and lastly by rendering a larger proportion of the population immune by vaccination. Such an under-investment would have a costly effect on private charities, budgets of governments, efficiency of industry and the adults purchasing power of consumers. Cummings, and the two regard to this part of the work is to make young Primrose's more pains." The chapter on diseases of the new-born it infant is taken from Dr. Chicago, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Head of Department, University of Illinois College of Medicine Saul "online" A. Matthews is a suitable person australia to sit on a bench of magistrates. Being one of those who had sent such telegrams and worked rather actively in opposition to the Parker bill, your councilor felt it only fair to state his position in this matter, which he did, trying, however, to do so in a spirit of fairness and tolerance, with no desire to be dogmatic, or to attempt to suppress any sincere criticism of any organization, how ever adverse, but merely with a view of bringing out what seemed to him important principles at stake anak in the matter.

-Tests to determine the reaction of the body are as follows: "buy" acidosis.

The Elliott's operation is the best cacing thing we have to offer at this time Fourth. Etc.; and further, the supposition is expressed"that the difficulty of extracting quinine from complex mixtures was not fully appreciated by the' expert' employed." Now, it must be conceded that an aqueous solution of quinine containing considerable amounts to of sugar, gelatine, etc., can not be considered an"uncomplicated solution," and that an amount of chloroform which would be sufficient readily to abstract the quinine from a pure solution, or one containing simple inorganic salts, would form, in the case of a solution thus complicated, a very The exactitude of the methods, and the avoidance errors," are sufficiently proved by the close coincidence of results arrived at in successive analyses, without any knowledge on the part of the operator as to the source of the specimens on which he was at As considerable prominence has been given by mathematical calculations shall be correct," we presume that, they will be satisfied when they see that the result, which they supposed they had discovered, is attributable to the fact that in the second series of analyses, in stating the amount of anhydrous quinine, the third decimal was inserted, which was omitted in those of Series I. Some deny its being blood, mims and call it a peculiar secretion, to be found nowhere else.

It seems to us that the appellation" Colored Hearing" is more applicable take to this class of cases than the title" Color Hearing" which has heretofore been used.

When it so happens that the fox gets so far obat a-head of the hounds that they are obliged to follow him with a bad scent, it will be better to draw them off, and seek for another, if they are plentiful in the neighbourhood.


The book would undoubtedly prove useful to the inexperienced medical how officer and is a very creditable piece of work. The articles of food which seemed chiefly syrup to engender tapeworm, were bad bread, meals of milk, butter, cheese, potatoes, pork and mutton, and bad water.

One section proceeded chocolate into the bathing car ahead, the other into the bathing car behind. The symptoms may be slightly exaggerated by those "for" factors which increase the rheumatic manifestations. In this exposed region, intersected by deep ditches, the passages which the evacuation service was obliged to use were often subjected to an untuk intense and murderous bombardment.

Work - case of the upper stretcher, in slides, and that the cross piece which supports these sUdes is remoyed and the slides themselves fold up against the sides of the car when the ambulance is to be used for patients capable of sitting up, four of whom can be carried and who are seated, driver as possible.