Finally in June, with the hearings not concluded and the private negotiations togged down, Judge Green ordered the boerd to games proceed wish most of its Phase C proposals.

For example, determines if resources have been emphasis on maximizing, cost-effectiveness and minimizing redundancy) (d) Determines the adequacy of efforts made to enhance communication to and among stakeholders and, if more is needed, facilitates "girl" improvements (e.g., ensures that resource mapping, analyses, and recommendations are written-up and circulated) (e) Determines if systems are in place to identify problems related to functioning of the infrastructure and communication systems. The goals set for the project were to improve the quality of teaching and learning, to make teaching a professionally rewarding "site" career, and to make teaching and learning the focal point of college activities and decision-making processes. At one-day meetings, the research free team compared findings across the main data sources. A good conference is one that is "best" well organized, stimulating, and engaging, and one where opportunities ror informal contact are provided. Project staff reported family functioning and mental health checkups, receiving medical coverage, and improved nutrition (fish):

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Tlx- like Storm was increasing and the mere "over" ury ing twilight lie storm increased After a -esiless night the morning dawnett Though the- fury of the storm and verv unfxeasant Quite early. Shop would apps teach them to be industrious. As yet there Is little evidence concerning the impact this emerging progrwn Is having on students (see Section B) and, on the basis of interviews and questionnaires, It appears the project also gained a very respectable level of acceptance by administrators In the accomplished before career education is fully iinplemented in Bristol, It appears that for all practical purposes the local Board of Education will not connnit sufficient monies to maintain more than a sllw vestlpe of the program by retaining support, from other federal funds, of the pro.jectp Related directly to this activities will be affected by the concerns of staff in the future for the that,"There Is an additional factor which Is apt to have an increasingly negative insecurity of the staff not knowing whether or not they will be employed during or board of education could do much to negate this situation;" In NED's April of uncertainty and competition which appears to be engendering a fair amount of hostility which in turn Is disruptive to the overall fimctlonlng of the project." situation at the project and the staff feelings appear basically unchanged from the discussions of the BCEP's accomplishments in the remainder of this report FOR THE DURATION OF THF, PROJECT Poiltlou replaced JHS Specialist but In the orlBinal fading prDposal It was stated,"It is tha Intention of this porposal to use career education as the vehicle for a niassive change of perspective in the Bristol School Systetn," In spite of a consclentioug and hard-working project staff, there la no evidence of'a massive change of perspective" in the To enable each child to display an understanding of the relationship To develop and eKpand the pupil's knowledge "examples" about a variety of Student outcomes for the BCEP project were assessed at the kindergarten and question I (a) The evaluation may attempt to determine the Impact of project activities upon the"average student-" In the project area.

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Regardless of how much the "sites" teacher knows a setting. Dominant social area no factor in Newark.

Roberts interpreted the students' responses as group reactions nonetheless: Structurally, apathetic groups arc frugnicntcd.assortments of persons united in one purpose It we cun t be trusted to relate to each other, we will not relate reaction "online" against authority produces a structure consisting of strong subgroups, each with one aim: Destroy authority and nullify the structure of one-to-one In the light of the above discussion, it is interesting to examine the which has produced the strongest academic achievement test gains of the home. The Teacher Center staff member meets south with the principal and school staff to review the overall goals of the Southeast tematives program and with individuals' and small groups as they, attempt to articulate and Through personal interviews and a quesfionnaire, answers are sought to, the question. Single or multiplepurpose concerns the primary goal of or objective orientation of the organization. For "plenty" example, materials can be located exclusively for a specific geographic area, written by a certain author or by grade level. Work training stations agencies, civic organizations J and the Department of Developing the Work "number" Training Jitation P Following student vocational assessment and identification of potential work training stations, the WEE coordinator both give and obtain information. We put sand or sawdust in paint on stairs to roughen the surface so we won't slip (app). Special consideration should be given to the F (in). For - promoting the public benefits of higher education requires system efforts beyond institutions to intentionally embed values of civic engagement and social responsibility in governance practices, policy decisions, and educational processes. I thought that pregnant." One study of adolescent sources of information about sexuality found that mothers were a main source for information about menstruation and conception, and schools were a primary source of to information about sexually transmitted disease.

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