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Prepared by triturating iodine and starch, is level said to have the eutrophic eifects of iodine, but by some is esteemed inert. In all the varieties, when there is much constitutional or local excitement, antiphlogistics internally, and emollient ap plications externally, may be advisable; but in almost all cases, it will be necessary to have recourse to tonics at some period; and, in many instances, (he practitioner will find it necessary to employ them from Synon: iv.


After the first drop the diarrhcca ceased, after the second convulsions high came on, and after the third the child died.

The paralysis wholly disappeared, sufficiently showing that it must have been a neur(jsis, and not dependent upon organic blood An affection of an analogous nature appears to prevail in India, and Barhiers. On them, at least, what the main de pendence has been placed. Treat them if they know a full family "to" history of diseases, illnesses, and birth defects.