Any purulent coagula are removed; short rubber tubing cut partly across, doubled and held by large safety pins, is used for drainage; abundant gauze dressing is applied, and changed when saturated: for. Recommends the adoption of Aspiration in "combination" some cases.

Patients sometimes say that they feel as if the head would burst (is).

Connection Avith tlie German sleeping-sickness commission in East mg Africa and subsequently in Uganda.

It is an ependymitis causing a serous effusion into the ventricles, with distention and pressure elfects (hcl). But even in these advanced cases where definite cures cannot be expected, our experience is, that the greatest relief and comfort can be afforded the sufferer: cd. Where the patient requires to be kept from restlessness, For the irritation and uneasiness of diarrhoea, papine is of use: titration. This, combined with the what most careful mechanical execution, and its very durable binding, renders it one of the cheapest works accessible to the profession. But this method is not free from objection, because in the process heat is evolved, inducing chemical changes which would perhaps vitiate the results: difference. Er - in children over two years of age such attacks not infrequently follow eating freely of imripe fruit or the drinking of milk which has been tainted. Sometimes it appears as a simple cold, but in most cases as a coryza, more or less intense, with reddened nose, loss of smell, lachrymation, feeling of fullness about nose and throat, frontal headache, with involvement of the trachea and bronchi, pain in back and limbs, pyrexia, a general lassitude or marked depression, with loss of appetite, hoarseness, and a severe, persistent, rasping cough (oral). On the fourth night pain delirium set in, followed by spasms and coma.

Often with a naked eye a twisted spiral character can be seen, particularly if the sputum is spread on a glass "120" with a black background. No inactivation of the patient's serum is necessary as of the complement already present is not a disturbing factor, not being active in the amount in which it is present against the human corpuscles.

But in attending to the sick, life is depending; which makes it necessary that those who attend them should know the nature of disease; the medicine that will cure and the best EVERY OTHER WEEK, AT ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR (xr). Classical form there side are irregular pains, chiefly in the cervical region; muscular atrophy develops, which may be confined to the arms, or sometimes extends to the legs. It will be found that the treatment and enables the patient in an early stage to make slight movements with the diseased joints, since, under skilful bandaging, pain rapidly disappears. The book covers the subject thoroughly and presents a clear clinical picture of glaucoma: effects. Such a question can only be solved by observation "amiodarone" and the record of cases.

He first tried inhalations of oil of cinnamon and oil of peppermint, but clinical conditions and bacteriological experiments proved between the inefficacy of the treatment.