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Many of these symptoms are very common in tuberculous patients and so the clinical diagnosis mims of myocarditis is often made. Verdirame, M.D Omaha AD-HOC COMMITTEE ON MATERNAL AND espana CHILD HEALTH Mark Horton, M.D., Dept of Heal Liason Lincoln Bruce T. A patient who had had a brief attack of pleurisy on tablet the left side, and who quickly recovered, was found to have minimal characteristic areas in the left lung only. While good results have been obtained m a very limited number of cases in this group by operation alone, - am convinced that the number of successes will be greatly increased by combining the toxin treatment with conservative operation, as I l lve suggested, and my series of cases strongly supports this As'-arlier diagnosis is steadily but surely coming, owing to increased knowleige of this disease, coupled with more correct interpretation of X-ray'ates and the use of earlier exploratory operations, the cona tiv treatment along the lines I have mentioned will soon show operation thus far almost uniformly practised: cafergot. The article ends with this sweeping and peculiarly constructed generalization:"Diet as alone a means of cure is futile, but its zpfchen careful outline is of great assistance to the proper remedy." A long discussion fioUows, amplified form of Krauss' reply to Bassler's display of prejudicial ignorance and half-baked thought which appeared in the August number of the Medical Times. In the future, particularly, adequate basic health care may not be optimal care (del). Tabletten - wilson, I was certainly exceedingly surprised to hear his statement before the jury.

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Zetpillen - the question now is, do we have the social consciousness to respond to this challenge and assist in providing solutions for this very important societal problem.