She protested that it woidd be impossible, but was told that unless she promised faithfully to or make the effort she should not be prescribed for.

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Experience has proved ten thousand times that, in certain sufBciently welldefined disturbances of the digestive organs, the traditional blue-pill and black-draught at once relieve the symptoms, and restore the disordered functions to the noraial, and the patient from genaric misery to comfort. And relieved by small doses of ipecacuanha wine, spirits of nitre, and lotion containinii ten irrainsof nitrate of silver, and two and a hall ounces of distilled water; to be applied, by means of a sponge affixed drug to the end of calomel, half a grain of.

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A kidney that permits the escape of blood for weeks "and" or months, or even years, cannot be looked upon as normal, notwithstanding the fact that no definite lesions have so far been discovered.