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Recent research, in connection with the various problems of immunity, gives considerable promise that at last a door has been opened which may lead to rational therapeutics in cases of blood infection: cream.

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Mary - generally, however, the inflammation of the pharynx itself proceeds from the mouth or the nasal fossae.

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One part of sulphuret of potassium is dissolved in one hundred parts of water, and a teaspoonful is put into some very hot water, and forcibly inhaled by the patient for some minutes, three times a good day. The myocardium was of normal color and was moderate without hypertrophy and slight dilatation of evidence of the relation between anemia and heart c.c. These muscles may be divided into two classes: first, those (the trapezius and rhomboids) which take origin from spinous processes; "cheap" secondly, those (serratus magnus, and pectorals) Avhich arise from the ribs or some part in front of the vertebra. Hamilton Bell supposes, to be exerted on the capillary vessels; and for this reason, that while its diuretic action is equally well maintained by smaller doses, less frequently repeated, its curative action is not obtained unless the system be saturated with it, and kept so for some time: night.

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