So true is this, that if what seems que to be a new truth in medicine is accepted at once, and willingly, there is more than a suspicion that it is not really a new discovery but only a modification of something hitherto All the great discoverers in medicine have practically without exception met, if not with opposition, surely with neglect of their work. We know of no reason why such a mother should not nurse her offspring, uk unless it be that it injures her. Old, familiar charge of two dollars, and stand by us cheerfully in 100 this crisis. Roberts read before the Philadelphia County Medical Society recently a cheap paper which is the most severe indictment j'et made of certain of the present-day methods which obtain in the practice of medicine. Biscuits made of inulin, the starchy principle largely contained in Iceland moss, were suggested by ranbaxy Kuelz. The larger States have simple enough reguI ations to meet flashback all requirements. PHnted and Published J'ur the Proprietors ly TiiK Kepresent.-itive Meeting of the Britisli things "sklep" may now be predicted with certainty, others with a high degree of proljability.

Releasing nearly twenty thousand graduate nurses from military service will enable the Red Cross bestellen to engage in various lines of social welfare work.

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This was, however, effected by radiumtherapy: opiniones. The large intestine begins at the place which most people are now familiar "tablets" with, as the home of the appendix, then travels up to the left ribs, across the pit of the stomach, then down and out through the pelvis. Not only will such provision diminish the temptation to pronounce these cases incipients, which would mean occupying the "dosage" place that of right belongs to others, but it would largely eliminate the depressing and injurious effect of frequent deaths in the midst of the incipients.