Swan Burnett remarks, in the last number of the" Archives of Ophthalmology":" We notice with regret that hij sanctions the use of the w ord' dioptric'' Dioptric' is an adjective with a well-established meaning in our dictionaries, and it is confusing, not to sav incorrect, to use it in the sense of a substantive which has a meaning, quite sharply defined,' dioptry.'" This ought, perhaps, to settle the matter, since" he himself has said it"; but still the fact remains that the word is spelled difterently by authors of repute, and that methylprednisolone these various forms have been used for the last ten years, Thus Forbes, Hartridge, Frost, Juler, and others, use dioptre; Swanzy uses dioptry; Noyes uses both dioptrie and dioptry; Green prefers dioptrie; and a writer in a late number of" The Ophthalmic Review" (London) uses, as I do, the old form, dioptric, which is also used almost exclusively by the trade.

The illustrations are sketches made by Charles Huard, official asthma painter of the war to the sixth Army of France.

In doses of four grains, it dogs relieves migraine and facial neuralgia, while eight grains have a hypnotic effect.


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