It is well known that only about onethird of the whole number of the insane are cared for in the two State hospitals,, and that for the remaining two-thirds the State makes no provision whatever, either in the way of maintenance or supervision: side.

The pulmonary plexus may be interfered with, as used already mentioned. Committee on the resolution from uses the Nebraska State Medical Society reported Report of committee on president's address was received.


From defeft of venous abforption, as in lome of thofe fevers commonly termed putrid (bass). The cause of myosis in such cases is usually ascribed to interference with the cilio-spinal fibres in the cervical after region of the spinal cord; the loss of the light-reflex being clue to the blocking of impressions along the fibres from the anterior quadrigeminal bodies to the third nerve nucleus (Meynert's fibres). To each of the first four injections she reacted iu the tumour with congestion aud increase of discharge, and after all except tbe 300 hrst injectiou (which was probably too small) there was haemorrhage from the whole circle of the edge of the growth. The greatly improved economic conditions of large sections of the population, during the war, together with the restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, undoubtedly have had considerable effect but, on the other hand, overcrowding has increased, and the mortality rate was falling before the war (dosage). Eclampsia, however, also concealed accidental "tablets" haemorrhage, and in hydatidiform mole. Carey and his helpers (to whom ha gives generous praise) have since then checked every name with taken the official Service lists. Is - the inner pai't of the muscle often presents two fleshy bellies, with an intervening tendon, and is named the biventer cervicis.

The wikipedia word to be learned is spoken in a loud tone into the child's ear, and at the same time the child by means of a hand mirror watches the lips of the teacher; in this way both the eye and ear are educated together. Bleeding for a time may lessen, but will ultimately increase, plethora; and a sudden abstraction of tension, in any respect, will induce mg a fit. Used externally effects and internally C. Other writers, following von Graefe, have described as"hysterical," apparently only because they terminated in recovery, cases in which, along with the contraction of the fields, there was considerable diminution of central vision; and, taking the general literature of the subject, I think it may be said that the described symptoms of"hysterical" amblyopia are quite as worthy of the epithet"Protean" as those of hysterical affections of any other iui kind. It was siuely open to tlie profession to bring purpose pressure to bear upon the Homo Secretary so that any might very quickly be released. So again the repeated in observations of multiple and successive thromboses, relapses and recurrent attacks (it may be after weeks or after years), all point to the peculiar and widespread tendency to thrombosis in some cases of chlorosis. Fordyce tells us, that he has remarked sr the superior efficft' -.onial pi' the ipecacuanl; en the hot fit comes on it must be mitigated by cold, and by the cooling diaphoretics. Densus, capsules thick; Cm racemo'sa, Jacq.

Percy pregnancy Stocks;" The relation of caries in the teeth of school children to health and home conditions," the public without fee, but, as the number of seats is limited, admission will be by numbered ticket for each lecture, for which application should be made to the Secretary, Gallon Laboratory, University College, London, PHANTOM EDITIONS. (c) Pneumococcal meningitis (the pneumococcus): indication. Remedies peculiarly "naturogest" adapted to lessen the fever. In order to tix a standard by which to gauge the metabolism the basal "orally" metabolism -was determined. The circulation is not closed, but the vessels end in lacunar passages and dilatations (can).