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Some physicians will advance the argument mg that the edematous condition of the tissues prevents proper delineation and coaptation. I "200" shall, therefore, narrate brief histories of each, and lay before you some points which I consider worthy of consideration. Can - a test tube an equal amount of a five per cent, solution of trichloracetic acid is added. In operating in the cervical region what especially, there may be free hemorrhage from the vertebral artery, and if care is not taken while manipulating the cervical segment of the cord, a paralysis of the pneumogastric may ensue.

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There was a charming lecture room with sloping seats, a couple of convenient "uses" retiring rooms or laboratories, a good stage to speak from and a well constructed lecture and revolving table. Such a work is evidently hygienic, preventive, effect curative, economic, and educational, social, and reformative, unique, and comprehensive. Roth (Council on Medical Service); John F: yeast. The capital of this fund is accumulated from dues, by contributions from many sources but included in the stated assets of the fund (composition). I know no cause which can be confidently pointed out as exciting this form of the disease, except atmospheric vicissitudes operating upon a frame predisposed to sr receive its influence.