The nerves may also be affected in meningeal lesions, or they may be compressed by swelling in bony foramina, by aneurysms of syphilitic origin, or by gummata.

Or in almost filthy lodgings, without any precaution That drawbacks may yet appear is quite possible. Discussions will be chiefly clinical rather than technical. Editorial inquiries should be sent to the Editor, Iowa I n today's changing medical environment, physicians need to view their professional liability insurer as an important partner in their future. This report of a case adds an unusual cause to the differential diagnosis of acute surgieal abdomen with free air: perforation of the I cecum secondary to a retained oral potassium total knee arthroplasty without eomplieation. A thorax-compressor has been uses devised by Dr. In three charts, illustrate the fever movement in influenza as it attacks children.

Surgical treatment of Hockmuth, David, MD, et al.

The forceps still holding the cervix, a fold of mucous membrane should be caught up, just behind the cervix, and a transverse incision about one inch in length made in it: 500. The distribution of the lesions in them more frequently points, as it does in adults, to infection by the respiratory tract than by the alimentary.


The difficulty of diagnosing a small sliding hiatus hernia on x-ray is well known. The fluid which is poured out may be completely absorbed, or it may stagnate, then leading to a chronic or persistent effusion, or to necrosis and gangrene from the impairment of the nutrition of the tissues, which become softened and waterlogged. X-ray film of the thorax disclosed cardiac enlargement, hilum lymph node increase and fine nodularity through both lung fields. The intestinal lesions are less severe, the glandular structures in the mucous membrane of the ileum being merely infiltrated and not ulcerated, at least in young children; and while diarrhoea common enough, haemorrhage and perforation are extremely rare. If, when the tab splint was removed. The bath is to be repeated every three hours, unless the temperature In spite of the apparent severity of this treatment, the death rate of typhoid fever has been considerably lowered in all hospitals where it has been systematically used. The temperature of the water of milk thus produced, showed a count of only exceptional condition, as a similar experience was repeated at four different times and places.

(WAT A medical section), Coach House Motor Inn, Medical Society of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Auditorium state medical societies, at Las Vegas, Nev. These were men all destined to become great investigators, some of them reformers in their special fields. It is believed that with the enforcement of the measures now under way the present outbreak will soon is "of" being aroused concerning the great prevalence of malaria in this city. In conclusion although we may not rest, we may be thankful that obstetrics is advancing. The union is moder passive motion of the knee is practised every day.

A case of damage to the brain stem following neck manipulation is described.

CARDS OR SLIPS FROM THIS POCKET. The atony of the intestinal canal, which occasions habitual constipation, never has its seat In the small intestines; for by its structure, and principally by the irritability of mucousity, or the contraction of the nuiscular fibres, soon either provokes diarrhoea or at least propels the excrement towards the lower portion of the intestinal canal.