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The rheostat has German with the resistance of the patient or to test the condition of the cells. In an attempt bought to analyze the influence of etiologic factors in chronic pain, lumbar cerebrospinal (CSF) fluid samples have been analyzed for the pain of organic origin (trigeminal neuralgia) showed lower levels of the endorphin fraction in spinal fluid. It is recommended that, in the interest of the patient, the hospital, and the physician, the knowledge of any such authorization be given by the person receiving same to the As a final observation, although legal title to medical records and reports is in the physician or hospital, depending on their location, the general legal opinion is that such records monograph and reports are held in the custody of the physician or hospital for the benefit of the patient. The essential feature of the Act, viz., the Central Examifiing board must be nz kept intact at all hazards, and this cannot be done without funds.