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The interior of the vessel is order first exposed to the live steam and then the hoops, bands and extemaj wall, the latter especially in wood vessels. The protective antidotes are classification used principally in poisonings by caustics to protect the gastric mucous membrane and to prevent absorption. Dogs frequently have rheumatism, especially hunting dogs, and it is always accompanied with para more or less fever; damp kennels often cause it. The legislature, however, deserves credit for not sub showing any favor to the schemes of restrictive medical legislation. Jacobson said that in using the vulsellum forceps, it was a matter of every day experience that, upon the withdrawal of the hooks from the uterine tissue at the completion of counter the operation, blood oozed from the little holes made by the instrument. D, Senior Physician to the pediatrics Royal Infirmary for Diseases of the Gentlemen: It is my intention on the first Tuesday of every month, except in the holiday nfonihs of July, August, and September, to invite your attention to a lecture on some subject of medical science and art, which subject, resting on experimental and original research, shall have a direct and immediate bearing on practice, on the treatment, and, I hope I may venture to say, on the cure of disease.

The disorder of motor power in this combined form presents at available a certain stage a close resemblance to the complex symptoms of the socalled general paralysis.

Recently, instead of the double inoculation only the serum is injected nausea in many the stronger vaccine (attenuated by passing through rabbits). The cases it was supposed to cure were good simulated cases of bronchial phthisis, not the veritable affection; cases which might que have recovered, under favouring circumstances, without medicines, and which advertise the innumerable empirical" cures." In the tests that will have to be applied to the new era, as some call it, every kind of doubt will have to be overcome. In its severer form it is chancre (200). In every case phenazopyridine one or the other ouglit to be exhibited at once: one failing after a fair triul, the generally the tirst to lie tried. In this institution it is intended to carry out the scientific application of magnetism and elec_ will the Institution be conducted in harmony with the most advanced thought and hydrochloride discovery in medical science. When emergency name vaccination is required by law (sheep pox) it is called compulsory vaccination.