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We know that by practice we can imitate successfully the voices of different individuals, the cry of dogs, the mewing of barato cats, and singing of birds.


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It has been but forty years since the first account of myxedema was given by Sir William Gull: sirve. Take of bleached almonds para four ounces, add the white of one egg. To be sure the packages are marked to the effect generic that another supply will be furnished if that particular one proves inert. Put a teacupful of water into a saucepan and let it boil; beat together one cupful of sugar, two tablespoonfuls of butter, one tablespoonful of flour and the yolk of one egg; stir into "uses" the -boiling water, and when cooked and slightly cool, add one gill of wine. The orifice of communication with the vena cava came readily into view on the removal of the coagulum; it was oval in shape, with sharp, irregular edses, and very unlike what might have been expected had the aperture been one of long standing. Since this time he has been mais Buffering excruciating pain all down the left side, but he was able to move his arm and leg a little until lately. Hilton,"the condition of Ihe anteriot L clearly and correctly esiimales the state of the vital powers of the infant as tluE J In a paper recently read before the Medical Society of London, the author diathetic malady, called rhenmatism, was met with in infants ana children, both in its muscular and capsnlo-articstdar yarieties: precio.

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Onde - closure is readily effected by direct suture, as there is little tendency to relapse.