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The aponeurosis of the external oblique, overlying the inguinal canal, and the pillars of the external ring contact are first exposed. It was important that this whole question should be studied anew with the light of fresh "hyderabad" anatomical evidence.

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Meanwhile the peritoneal cavity is shut off and defended by adhesions which have taken place between the cecum and appendix on the one hand and the peritonicum lining the iliac fascia on gurgaon the other. The Western Journal of careers Medicine POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Western journal of Medicine, Circulation. The idea, however, that the liberation of the fibrin ferment in abnormal (juantity is capable of causing fever finds support not only in experiments which have been mentioned, but also in the fact that injections of hjiemoglobin solutions and of large (juantities of water into the blood produce fever (catalogue). It should be a rule with all constituent societies to ascertain whence new members come, and to require that they present certificates of"good laboratories standing" from the societies in which they last held membership.