The hospitals mg now operated by the U. Sessions in Lee Hall on Lriday night and Saturday are open to the public, with special interest for individuals involved in student affairs, religion, law enforcement, rehabilitation, the legal profession and school students: questions.

Mental Health activities include many "20" projects.

There are undoubtedly considerable differences in different hospitals as to the proportion of cases admitted in early stages of diphtheria, but in many of the hospitals where the benefits of antitoxin have been most apparent, as number of mild cases admitted is no greater than formerly.

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Abortions, miscarriages and surgical operations are violent interferences with natural conditions, and produce a radical nervous derangement that prohibits a natural control of the uterine blood vessels. This year the Oklahoma Association selected its date of meeting first and upon learning that it would be very inconvenient for us to meet later and almost impossible for us to meet earlier, the dates decided upon were canceled and our Association given the right of selection. McDeed was of the opinion that all such cases should be treated by tab the a?-ray, in connection with the surgeon and internist. House Ways and Means Committee and held by not a few to be the most powerful individual in the Congress, seems to be paying little attention to the tablet sound and fury over national health insurance in the Senate. Donau Royal Veterinary And Agricultural Coll., Veterinary Inspection Board, Vitas, Tondo, Manila, Philip; Pines; Division of Research and District Station of Plant Protection, Kursk. Serve with orange or lemon dressing. The lowermost part of the lung is lees firmly consolidated and is dark greyish purple with much evidence of collapse. This is done by calling up other ideas calculated to modify the original one, and give to the mind the power of estimating its true relation. The Board takes the position that any profits or payments which might thereby accrue to the association should be passed along to participating members in the form year of lower premiums or greater benefits.

The slightest noise makes the sufferer start.

The Sultan must be carefol, or he will be duped by a vagrant yankee, whose management of other people's money and divers acts of criminal freedom would send him to the State Prison, should he ever presume to set foot again near Matanzas for the accommodation of invalids from the United States.