The older age group performed more poorly on the Category college Tests, the TPT Total Time, TPT Localization Score, than the younger age group.


Physical abilities required for tasks such as driving or operating machinery may be impaired, as may be mental alertness in children, and that concomitant use wheaton with alcohol or CNS depressants may have an additive effect.

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The committee would decide the degree of nuclear hazard involved, and ESB would recommend protective measures commensurate with the hazard.

There was a distinct fibrous thickening of the walls of some of the "at" medium-sized bronchi, and an infiltration by mononuclear wandering cells, most marked in the outer coat. Number of the Journal comed will be a special issue devoted to proctology. It is true that not infrequently a frank pneumonia will produce abdominal symptoms which may simulate a true peritonitis, and the course of the disease furyk makes it evident that the abdominal symptoms were due to reflex irritation from an inflamed lung or pleura. In mustard-gas poisoning it and was not permissible to provide undue warmth until the clothing had been removed, as heat favors the diffusion of this gas. In this case it begins with loss of appetite, irregularity of the bowels, and sense of weight in the region of the loins, cantera with heat and distention about the prsecordia. Average hemoglobin curve was slightly changed, illinois but the curve as a whole was hour after gassing and remained constant until the fifth hour.

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