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If the potash is taken with little food and of considerable water, there is associated with the paralysis morbid gastro-intestinal irritation and diuresis. Another point which the discovery the of the parasite has assisted in elucidating is the subject of the so-called"typho-malarial" fevers. Submammary Infusion of Salt Solution for Puerperal submammary saline infusions, where exhausting hemorrhage has taken place from abortion or full-term labor, as originally effects suggested by Edebohls. Cerumen is a great protection inner against the disease. That the disease is contagious there is the most abundant and "in" conclusive proof. They showed typical tubercular lesions, Further evidence is given by the condition of taking our Northwest Indians.

Rutgers University _ ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER Atlantic City, prix N.

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He contributed more papers to the Royal Society than any other member, and these communications were remarkable for their breadth of vision and for the number of discoveries "side" they contained. As a picture upon the wall may be likened to a window ear opening upon a scene beyond, care should be exercised in selecting thtt which is agreeable and appropriate. Dividing them into does two periods of six years, quite casts into the shade the improvement in Prussia and Saxony, quoted from Cornet, which he puts down to the credit of special prophylaxis. I cannot persuade myself that humours, said to be secreted, exist antecedently gain in the blood, any more than oak trees and cabbages exist antecedently in the earth. The surface of the brain over the transplanted portion of dog's "na" brain. And - george Peters noted and taught that in general peritonitis the heart sounds and breath sounds are heard over the whole of the abdomen. I would merely say in conclusion that the external method of performing podalic or breech version practiced in weight the above case being the simplest, easiest and least dangerous (less shock: more antiseptic) of all other methods should in my opinion whenever practicable be given the preference; next bi polar or combined, and lastly internal podalic version in the order mentioned.